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  Small Business Guide:
Deciding what technology systems are needed to start or run a small business within a budget can be a daunting task.

Do I need a Server?
What kind of phone system do I need?
How do I integrate my Mobile devices?
Laptop? Notebooks? Netbooks?
Desktop? Workstations?

We suggest that all business have a server within their office to house local files, handle print jobs and monitor the network. Depending on how many users will be accessing the server will dictate the size and power needed to house these tasks. Just make sure you have a proper place to put the server.

All businesses today need email, and to be taken seriously; email with their own domain name. There are two type of email business can use; Standard and Corporate. We suggest that all companies use a corporate email system, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. This allows for higher security, easy backup solutions and office collaboration.

When considering Exchange there are two ways to go about getting it. Hosting your own server or using SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS is hosted exchange. CIU can help you decide which is best for you, show the advantages / disadvantages and get the right solution setup for you in a timely manner.

Make sure that you get the right voice lines for you office. If you need options such as a hunt group or DIDís (Direct Inward Dial) then make sure the lines you support these features. A T1-PRI line will always allow for the best flexibility in you phone system. Match it up with a Cisco phone system, the UC 500 series. It is the perfect system for a company with fewer than 50 employees.

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