CIU Success Stories:
Here is a list of some of our most recent Success Stories
   Core-Rosion Products
Problem: When Core called us, their computer infrastructure was extremely ineffective. Computers were slow which caused employees to be inefficient. They complained that after starting their computer and applications and leaving to get a cup of coffee, when returning the computer still was not ready for work. CIU was asked to analyze the network, pin-point the bottle necks and implement a solution so their network would start to work for them.

Solution: CIU found that the server configuration was too heavy and in turn the server was being over taxed. This impacted every element of the business, from simple emails to generating quotes and invoices. By modifying its configuration, CIU reduced the overhead of the Server and maximized the use of all the existing hardware, thus saving costs by not having to add new hardware..

Result: Core-rosion has stated that “The systems never ran this fast when it was brand new.” Employees are able to be responsive to their clients and have been drinking less coffee which in turn has reduced the office overhead.
   Hollencrest Capital Management
Problem: After 6 years of solid service, Hollencrest’s main File and Print server started giving errors and losing its mind. It was time to get replaced.

Solution: CIU ordered, built and configured a new HP Proliant 350 server. After successfully adding to the domain as a domain DC, CIU migrated all data, shares and security to the new server and login scripts were modified. After moving all the server roles over from the old server (ie: Schema Master, Global Catalog, etc), backup schedules were modified and the old server was de-commissioned. All work was completed in a single late afternoon with no downtime to the customer. In fact we took advantage of our time there and re-wired the patch panels and switches.

Result: When users logged back in, the only result was a more responsive file server. After all, 6 years in computer years is 60 in human years.
   KCM Architects
Problem: After years of running on a substandard network with a Windows XP workstation as a server, KCM’s owner needed peace of mind that his data was safe, secure and accessible.

Solution: CIU provided KCM with an estimate to replace the server with a HP server running Server software that fit into the company’s budget.

Result: CIU implemented the new server, migrated all data and setup security. Connected each workstation to the new server, imported all old profiles and has given KCM the piece of mind needed in order to focus on their business.

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