Technology Terms defined in Layman Terms
What is a MegaByte? What is a MegaBit? Are they the same?
MegaBytes (MB) are commenly reffered to when describing memory space. Examples are Ram Memory and Hard Drive space.
MegaBits (Mb) are used when describing data trasmission speeds usually as MegaBits per second (Mbps). Example is you internet connection.
There is a connection between them though. 1 MegaByte is comprised of 8 MegaBits. This can come in handy when determing how fast of an internet connection is needed. If you have an Internet connection rated at 10/2 Mbps it will download 1.25MBps and uplaod .25 MBps or 256 KiloBytes per second.

What is a DIMM?
DIMM stands for Dual in-line Memory Module and it refers to the Ram memory in you computer. It is the latest version of RAM Memory used in todays computers and is compatible with 64 bits archeticture.

What is RAM?
RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it refers to the application space in you computer. I like to explain that is is similar the surface of your desk or drafting table. The More RAM you have the larger the surface and the more you can work on at one time.

What is a Hard Drive?
A Hard Drive is where you physically store information on your computer. I like to explain that is is similar to a Filing Cabinet. The larger the cabinet, the more information you can store.

What is a BSOD?
BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death and if you run a windows system, chances are you have seen one. It looks like an old DOS window with a blue background and white text. Getting a BSOD is no joke and when you get one... you may need to backup all your data and restore your PC from a restore disk or partition.

What is EDI?
EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It is used to transmit data between organizations via the internet, or in the old days via modems. It replaces the need to print out information and mail or fax it. It automates interchange of data between accounting systems to decrease manual input of data.

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